Chaos is defined not so much by its disorder as by the infinite speed with which every form taking shape in it vanishes.
It is a void, that is not a nothingness but virtual, containing all possible particles and drawing out all possible forms, which spring up only to disappear immediately, without consistency or reference, without consequence.
Chaos is an infinite speed of birth and disappearance.

To be one with nature, not its slave, not its tool, but one with it, indissolubly melted in it, powerful like it, divine like it, eternal like it.

The way is round, perfect, wide as the vast cosmos
Without the slightest notion of staying or breaking
This is like a dream, a flower of vacuity,
Why should we suffer to grasp this illusion?
Sosan - Shin Jin Mei

The time bends or twists, it is a variety which it could be necessary compared to the dance of the flames in a fire : here cut, there vertical, mobile and unexpected.
Michel Serres

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